CyberLock Inc.

CyberLock Flex System

With the addition of the CyberLock Flex System to its portfolio, the CyberLock solution is the only access control system that offers both managed under one software platform. The Flex System opens the door to flexible access control. Flex System modules expand the scope of key-centric security and interface with third party devices such as alarms or cameras for even more options. Modules can be mixed and matched for comprehensive and customized security.

    3M Window Film USA

    Security Window Films and Attachment Systems

    3M Security Window Films and Attachment Systems help fortify existing windows against intruders, bomb blasts, explosions and natural disasters, and can also be used to upgrade existing glass to meet safety codes, all at a fraction of the cost of replacing existing windows.

      Oncam Grandeye


      Oncam introduces the new 360° Evolution-12 camera range, which features a 12mp, Exmor-R, high-resolution sensor for crisp and detailed images even in low-light conditions. The camera combines the flexibility of local dewarping and extensive NVR/VMS platform integration with live and retrospective client-side dewarping. The Evolution 12 camera range includes indoor, outdoor and concealed models complemented by a full range of mounting accessories to suit any type of applications.

        Tyco Security Products

        Lone Worker Emergency Call Transmitter

        Tyco Security Products’ Lone Worker Emergency Call Transmitter from Elpas ensures that people who may be subject to attack or injury while on the job can send alerts about their situation so that responders can be dispatched to the exact location of the evolving security incident. Using Elpas’ Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technology, the unit transmits real-time location data that identifies the name and location of the worker in need. The transmitter is equipped with two emergency call buttons for manual, wireless duress alerting. It includes an onboard tilt switch and a pull cord for automatic alarm sending if a lone worker is knocked down, or even becomes unconscious, or if the unit is taken from the victim by force.

          Theia Technologies

          4K 12 MP Lens

          The lens is designed for the popular 1/1.7" 4K image sensors or smaller to resolve the 1.85 micron size pixels

            Open Options Inc.

            Access Control Software

            Open Options’ DNA Fusion is an open platform access control software solution that interfaces seamlessly with leading security systems including video, biometrics, and intercom.

              Open Options Inc.

              DNA Fusion v6.2.3

              Open Options' DNA Fusion v6.2.3 is the most up-to-date and advanced version of their flagship access control software ever. Designed for the extended enterprise, this software takes full advantage of the Distributed Network Architecture model. It removes many of the limitations to enterprise deployment in a typical access control application while providing an architecture that provides needed data instantly, at your fingertips.

                Sony Electronics Inc.

                4K Security Camera

                The SNC-VM772R delivers 4K image quality with exceptional low light sensitivity, bandwidth optimization technology, and intelligent scene capture capabilities.


                  Wi-Fi Video Monitoring Camera

                  FLIR FX is a compact, versatile Wi-Fi-enabled HD camera that integrates unique cloud-based analytics and flexible application-specific mounts.

                    LifeSafety Power

                    Power Enclosures

                    FlexPower’s Unified Power Solutions yield a smaller installation footprint, providing multiple efficiencies and greater effectiveness in the design and specification of integrated access control power solutions.


                      Touch Screen Keypad

                      The B942 Touch Screen Keypad features a presence detector that automatically activates the home screen when the user approaches, showing complete system status at a glance.


                        Megapixel Network Cameras

                        Delivering sophisticated capabilities, key shared features of these new models include: an improved H.264 algorithm for remarkable image quality at lower bit rates; simultaneous delivery of two H.264 and three M-JPEG video streams in multiple sizes and resolutions for versatility in monitoring and recording; scheduled Custom Video Settings for optimal image capture according to the time of day; On-board Video Analytics for advanced detection and analysis, Outstanding Low Light Performance and more.


                          Face Detection Camera

                          The FaceVACS-VideoScan C5 camera provides optimal image quality for real-time face recognition, even under challenging conditions, while requiring low computing hardware and bandwidth resources.

                            Global Sign

                            Identity and Access Management Solution

                            GlobalSign's IAM-Easy is preconfigured for dramatically faster deployment.


                              Miniature HD IP Camera

                              Featuring a robust 2.25 x 2.00 x 1.20 inch enclosure, including the lens, the Model 3011 can produce an H.264 or JPEG compressed stream at resolutions up to 1080 lines at 30 frames per second (fps), and two simultaneous streams at lower resolutions.


                                Network Security Appliance

                                The SV-32 appliance comes pre-installed with Genetec’s open platform security system, Security Center, allowing end-users to deploy their choice of a unified security solution, or a standalone access control or video surveillance system.


                                  One-Press Deadbolt

                                  With one press, the person closest to the door can instantly activate both the deadbolt and the lever handle lock.

                                    Winsted Corporation

                                    Collaboration Tables

                                    Combining furniture and technology, the collaboration tables provide schools, businesses and other types of organizations the ideal solution for exchanging ideas and encouraging collaborative solutions.

                                      Video Mount Products

                                      Wall Rack Enclosure

                                      The ERWEN series handles demanding rack mount requirements with its adjustable front and rear rails, removable hinged wall plate and a reversible glass front door.

                                        Winsted Corporation

                                        Control Room Consoles

                                        Spectrum consoles conform to 19"W EIA Standards and provide rack-mount options for virtually any type of console use.

                                          Orion Entrance Control

                                          Glass Turnstiles

                                          The Optical Barrier Swing Glass turnstile comes with 1/2 inch clear tempered "No Touch" swinging glass. The clear view barriers keep a clean look in the lobby while meeting security standards.


                                            IP NVRs

                                            Now available in eight or 16 channel models, the embedded NVRs are compatible with Honeywell’s equIP Series and Performance Series IP cameras, broadening options for IP-based surveillance systems.



                                              Chui is a door bell with a built in access authorization system based on facial recognition features that memorizes the contours of a person's face so that at a press of a button, instant access is granted or denied into your home or office.No more worrying about unnecessary business expenses such as lost keys, fobs, lanyards, et al no more missing package deliveries, track legitimate employee clock-ins and monitor the entry log system for successful and attempted entries.You can grant temporary or permanent access into your home or office to guests and couriers.

                                                Software House, From Tyco Security Products

                                                Unified SiteServer

                                                Using a deeply embedded victor unifying client, victor Unified SiteServer takes a holistic video approach of managing and monitoring access control, video, and intrusion from one database all from one easy-to-use box. The victor Unified Client can run in parallel with existing C-CURE 9000 client choices, providing the increased functionality of combined client features. Users can perform specific system tasks such as badging, dynamic mapping, advanced reporting, custom application layouts, video smart search and analytics.


                                                  TVN 10 Kit

                                                  The TVN 10 kit, available in four- or eight-channel models, features megapixel resolution at analog-system prices without the need to deploy an expensive IT infrastructure. The unit offers an all-in-one design with a power over ethernet (PoE) switch built into the chassis and full control via front panel buttons and a mouse, or through TVRMobile software applications. The TVN 10 kit comes bundled with four IP cameras ready for immediate installation and the eight-channel model can be expanded with the purchase of additional cameras.

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