On Demand

Intelligent Patient Visitor Management System

Join us for a lively discussion and Q&A with our speakers as they show how leveraging true physical security integration advances organizational goals.

Duration: 1 Hour

Disaster Communications: Planning, Executing, and Improvising a Communications Infrastructure When Everything Has Gone Terribly Wrong!

We will examine the multifaceted nature of disaster communication across phases of a disaster, learning from real-life incidents and planning for likely disruptions and response.

Duration: 1 Hour

The Effectiveness and ROI of Video Based Prevention Solutions

Join VideoIQ’s as they examines the effectiveness of prevention based video surveillance and the potential ROI from implementing such solutions.

Duration: 1 Hour

Physical Security Goes Mobile

Join us for a free-1 hour webinar to address how Mobile devices are changing the way we interact in every aspect of our lives, especially in business.

Duration: 1 Hour

Keep Third-Party Risk in Check With High Security Identity Management

An overview of the challenges companies face in recognizing vendor identity-related risks.

Duration: 1 Hour

Ultra-Resolution Surveillance

In this webinar we will be discussing the market positioning and applications for Ultra Resolution surveillance cameras, What are the hurtles to get over? What applications are realistic? What is the benefit?

Duration: 1 Hour

Challenging Conventional Wisdom: The New Breed of Affordable Thermal Security Solutions

In this webinar we will examine common security product offerings, their strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate thermal imaging as a solution to traditional security products’ limitations.

Duration: 1 Hour

Providing Security and Safety on Today’s University Campus

This Webinar will offer insight into how a major U.S. University provides safety and security on campus

Duration: 1 Hour

Embedded Access Helps Lower Install Costs, Helps Dealers Increase Margin

Overview the evolution of the access control market. We’ll highlight how technology such as what Linear offers facilitates the lowest cost for field deployment of traditional access control systems.

Duration: 1 Hour

Lowering Video Surveillance Cost & Improving Performance with Centralization

In this webinar, we will discuss leveraging your legacy systems and how to reduce hardware, software and infrastructure cost with Centralization.

Duration: 1 Hour

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