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One Person Shot Dead at Wayne Community College

One Person Shot Dead at Wayne Community College

The suspect in the North Carolina shooting is a white male.

Unmanned Aerial Systems Teach Ohio Students the Importance STEM

Unmanned Aerial Systems Teach Ohio Students the Importance STEM

Teenagers completed a series of challenges using UAS with maneuvers conducted within a Styrofoam mockup of downtown Dayton.

Police Say Dash Cams Don’t Show S.C. Shooting

Police Say Dash Cams Don't Show S.C. Shooting

According to authorities, the shooting of an unarmed black man was not capture by the dashboard camera.

Milestone Systems Delivers Highly-automated Version of LPR Software

Software for the Milestone XProtect video management software suite and Milestone Husky NVR Series.

Pelco by Schneider Electric Releases VideoXpert

New concept in video and information management, delivering an experience built upon open and intuitive integration, flexible customization, and ease of use.

Hikvision and Eagle Eye Networks Provide Mobile Video Surveillance Solution

Companies partner with Lawrence, Massachusetts Police Department to install cameras in police van with secure remote access to live, recorded video.

Iluminar Announces Specialized Training on Specifying and Installing LED Lighting

Learn how to maximize night-time CCTV surveillance, support cameras with crispness with illumination and why separate illumination is more effective than an integrated LED lights camera.

Oncam Announces Integration with AMAG Technology

Customers can take advantage of dewarping capabilities from the client perspective, giving end users the ability to flatten hemispherical images produced by 5 megapixel, 360-degree Evolution cameras.

ONSSI Announces Acquisition of SeeTec AG

Company continues aggressive expansion into European markets.

Kenyan University Students March to Demand Security

Kenyan University Students March to Demand Security

Students marched the Kenyan capital after gunmen killed nearly 150 people.

Video Surveillance Exceeds Expectations

Video Surveillance Exceeds Expectations

Transit authority reports liability claim payouts down 80 to 90 percent.

iluminar to Launch all-new 2 Series LED Range

Offers high-performance and the ability to cope with any outdoor environment with new vandal-proof, IP67-rated enclosure.

AMAG Technology Unveils Complete Suite of Video Solutions

Platform brings together identity management, access control, alarm management and video management combined with situational awareness.

21 Dead, Almost 600 Held Hostage in Kenya Attack

21 Dead, Almost 600 Held Hostage in Kenya Attack

A terror group known as Al-Shabaab is claiming responsibility for an attack on Garissa University College.

WavestoreUSA Opens New Headquarters in West Palm Beach

Offices close to PBI Airport and the growing downtown West Palm Beach, Florida for added convenience.

On Cloud 9 - Campuses need effective security equipment

On Cloud 9

Perhaps more than any other time in history, school campuses need effective security equipment and tools not only to ensure the physical safety of students, teachers, staff and administration but also to create a safe environment where effective learning takes place as well as manage expensive assets, such as computer equipment, from theft or damage.

Newly-designed Car Features New Security Feature

Newly-designed Car Features New Security Feature

When alarm triggered, security sensors enable series of photos to be taken.

Live Longer

Live Longer

Americans want to be safe and the FCC is helping. The FCC reserves valuable radio frequencies for public safety authorities that can be used for Ultra-Reliable wireless video surveillance.

The Heart of the Campus

With a strong reputation for innovative research addressing complex urban issues, the University of Massachusetts Boston offers its diverse, 17,000-student population both an intimate learning environment and the rich experience of a great American city.

Lockdown Alert

Lockdown Alert

All schools in North Carolina have been mandated to successfully install and deploy a panic- lockdown button that links to law enforcement.

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