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Protection 1 Earns Prestigious CSAA's Five Diamond Central Station Certification

Central Station Alarm Association’s certification re-enforces Protection 1’s commitment to providing the highest level of service to its customers.

Mission 500 Launches #ShowOrange Campaign

Initiative generates more involvement and funding for U.S. children in need.

Reaching Your Goals

Reaching Your Goals

Experience may be the best teacher, but it’s often possible to learn what works—and what doesn’t work—simply by looking at other companies in the industry.

What Dealers and Integrators Should Watch For

What Dealers and Integrators Should Watch For

Security solutions are playing an increasingly important role in business operations as organizations are realizing the significant value these technologies can provide.

Designer offers 5 benefits

Designer Offers 5 Benefits

It’s getting harder for building owners and system integrators to keep up with the latest trends in security.

MicroPower Drives ‘Alternative’ Approach to Surveillance

MicroPower Drives ‘Alternative’ Approach to Surveillance

Delivering a unique and innovative technology in today’s crowded and dynamic security market can be quite a challenge.

Searching the Horizon

Searching the Horizon

As the time nears on the shutdown of the second-generation, or 2G, wireless network, now is the time for security dealers and integrators to not only start planning for this massive migration but also begin searching for opportunities to make this change easier for themselves as well as their clients.

Dealers Needed - Personal response system is attracting a lot of attention

Dealers Needed

Mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS) is attracting a lot of attention in the security industry these days, and for good reason. There are several reasons for the enormous interest.

Really, What is the Handoff Between Sales and Operations?

Really, What is the Handoff Between Sales and Operations?

When a security integration company is small, installation and sales are 100 percent of the focuses of time and attention. The sales have to be lean but profitable.

Getting Creative

Getting Creative

GPS vehicle security has attracted high interest in the eyes of dealers for many reasons. First, it provides peace-of-mind for families.

Discovering Numerous Options

Discovering Numerous Options

When the Stanley Security staff wants to make an impression from the integrator to end user, it relies on the hard-hitting, well-versed security team at its Indianapolis Discovery Center.

“Me Too” Products - Being wise about the products you present to end users

“Me Too” Products

For manufacturers to play within the commodity space, they need to provide the most features, ease-of-use and the best reliability, camera versus camera.

Security Today Conference: A Gathering of Master Security Thinkers

Security Today Conference: A Gathering of Master Security Thinkers

From the Texas School Marshal Program to cyberattacks and securing critical infrastructure to identify theft and active shooters, all hot topics in security addressed by industry leaders.

Virtual Police Provide Unique Solution

If a customer can dream of a security solution, integrator Lance Rankin can do it. Rankin and his Virtual Police team has become a preferred vender to one of the world’s largest wireless communications and telecommunications providers.

Cultivating Quality Customers

Conventional wisdom has firmly established the notion that the customer is always right. That may be true, but dealers who want to make the most of their resources—and ensure a customer base that will build a strong business—may end up facing a different question: Is the customer right for you?

Young at Heart; Solid Gold Future

Xentry is young at heart in the installation business, but not when it comes to security. They have quickly established themselves as a leader in designing, installing and maintaining technology systems to keep people and property protected and secure, increase efficiency, mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

The Matrix Systems Revolution

Approximately 18 months have passed since Holly Tsourides took the reins as the CEO of Matrix Systems. But in that short time frame, she’s executed a robust growth strategy and business plan that has changed the face and the path of the company.

iBridge Connects the Dealer Program

It’s known as many things. The “home of the future,” “connected home,” “smart home,” “automated home,” and the like, all defined with unique aspects by companies, but all with one cohesive stay connected.

A Strategic Advantage

When asked about the biggest challenge facing security system dealers/integrators, an overwhelming response often cited is the struggle to keep up with training.

How Trained is Your Front Line

How much does your wire/cable puller know about what he/she is doing? In most cases, the answer is “not much”. Their job is to literally pull wires through ceilings or conduit under a supervisor’s immediate control.

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