T3 Omni-Tilt Switch

Magnasphere's T3 Omni-Tilt switch is designed to sense horizontal inertial disturbance and tilt from its vertical position. The T3 can be wired directly to panels or used with wireless transmitters. Objects secured with the T3 Omni-Tilt won't tolerate movements such as jostling, loading, rolling, impact, tilt, or transit without providing an alarm signal. The Omni Tilt uses a magnetic latch to resist false alarms from light vibration.


    Mail Detector

    The EMIS-MAIL is designed to detect a wide variety of metal threat items including detonators, batteries, trigger circuits and other metal components of parcel bombs

      Honeywell Security & Communications

      IS3000 and DT8000 Series

      The IS3000 and DT8000 Series are a portfolio of seven high-performance indoor motion detectors that satisfy the demands of virtually any installation, from the most basic residential to the most complex commercial application. It integrates fully with Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services when used with VISTA control panels, providing dealers with an excellent opportunity to earn additional recurring monthly revenue (RMR).

        System Sensor

        Aspiration Detection

        Given the potential losses for telecommunication facilities during any fire, it’s critical to identify and address events like precursor smoldering or overheating equipment. Aspiration sensing technology offers a high level of protection while addressing the unique conditions and electrical nature of these environments.

          System Sensor

          Low Frequency Sounders and Bases

          The System Sensor spot detector line covers a vast array of needs in commercial or residential applications

            Elk Products Inc.

            ELK-6023 Two-Way Wireless Recessed Door Sensor

            The recessed door sensor mounts into a ¾” drilled hole in a wooden door jamb and becomes nearly invisible once the door is closed, providing the ultimate wireless security device for discriminating customers. It features ELK’s industry leading two-way technology with positive signal acknowledgement, extended range, and long battery life.


              Window and Wall Systems Blast Hazard Mitigation Series

              Wausau Window and Wall Systems Blast Hazard Mitigation (BHM) Series combines blast mitigation, energy performance and recycled content to meet government buildings’ high-security and green goals. BHM Series SuperWall Curtain Wall meets blast performance up to 33 psi peak pressure, 81 psi-msec impulse. The system accommodates cladding for steel tubes, which may be necessary to ensure structural performance in blast mitigating designs. SuperWall's screw-spline construction in multiple frame depths presents a uniform, three-inch exterior sightline. These products are designed for compliance with the GSA ISC and DoD UFC, and supported with an industry-leading warranty of up to 10 years.

                Axis Communications

                Connect ONE Network Gateway

                Connect ONE Network Gateway is a fully encrypted communication that only requires an outgoing Internet connection. No router or firewall configuration is necessary and it accepts up to 50 temperature probes and readings that will not vary based on wire distance. Users can view real-time temperature from all connected probes, low/high temperature alarm, and trouble events are notified via email, text or onscreen alert.

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