• Ensuring Success

    Ensuring Success

    Those words are often associated with the real estate industry, but the security community can also apply that mantra to the all-important issue of camera placement for optimizing analytics.

  • The Big House

    The Big House

    A large corrections campus encompassing more than 30 buildings in the southeast United States houses approximately 5,000 inmates with separate jail facilities for men and women who are awaiting sentencing, serving sentenced jail time and are in maximum security.

  • The User Experience

    The User Experience

    With the move to a mobile- and cloud-first world, corporate data has become increasingly difficult to protect.

  • No Protection From Bad Data

    No Protection From Bad Data

    Walking the expo floor at the most recent RSA conference, it was hard to miss how many companies were talking about big data.

  • Industry Focus
    Security in the Sanctuary

    Security in the Sanctuary

    I wouldn’t consider myself an extremely religious man, but I do go to church on a weekly basis, and I do expect my presence in the church to be safe and secure.

  • High Value Assets

    High Value Assets

    Perimeter security: Just the words conjure-up visions of horror.

  • A Key Role

    A Key Role

    The city of Calgary in southern Alberta, Canada has achieved international acclaim with its annual Calgary Stampede and its legacy of world-class sporting facilities and events.

  • Part 5: Wake the Flight Crew

    Part 5: Wake the Flight Crew

    Five key areas of understanding for information security directors.

  • Pay Now or Pay Later

    Part 4: Pay Now or Pay Later

    Breaches of all sizes - small, medium and large - ruin reputations and can cost millions of dollars.

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