• Hospital Campus Secure

    Hospital Campus Secure

    University Hospital, the teaching hospital of San Antonio’s University Health Systems is a sprawling campus in the South Texas Medical Center, and one of the health system’s 23 locations across the community that needed the latest security technology.

  • The New Standard

    The New Standard

    As the Internet of Things becomes more prevalent in today’s world, smart locks and access control systems are at the heart of the revolution.

  • Security Breach

    Security Breach

    As professionals in the commercial security industry, our ears perk up whenever we hear of a security breach—such as recent perimeter control issues at airports, the White House, and other government and public locations.

  • Security As A Healthcare Solution

    Security As A Healthcare Solution

    Large hospital environments present unique challenges for the surveillance integrator.

  • Confidence In A Secure Classroom

    Confidence In A Secure Classroom

    Dancing Moose turned to Stone Security of Salt Lake City to design and install the state-of-the-art, integrated monitoring and security system.

  • The New Landscape

    The New Landscape

    It used to be when attending a trade show that one came away with a tote bag full of printed marketing materials. This practice started to change when CDs and thumb drives were introduced to present these materials.

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