• Analysis Turns Physical Security into Customer Service

    Analysis Turns Physical Security into Customer Service

    In recent years, customer service has become a new frontier for marketing and brand building.

  • Self-install with professional monitoring

    One Touch Alarm

    All too often, the emphasis and focus in the security industry is on new products, new applications or new technologies.

  • Escaping from Prison Fires

    Wrightstyle Limited is a leading UK supplier of integrated steel and aluminium glazing systems and exports worldwide. Jane Embury, the company’s commercial director, looks at some notorious prison fires – and the appalling conditions in some facilities today.

  • Gun Control vs. Mental Health

    Gun Control vs. Mental Health

    I’ve been a journalist close to 40 years now, and I’ve pretty much seen it all but until recently gun control and mental health were not used in the same breath.

  • Delivering Tangible ROI

    Delivering Tangible ROI

    Boston-based biotechnology company Genzyme is an organization dedicated to the research of rare genetic-related diseases.

  • Study Finds US Has 31% of World

    Study Finds US Has 31% of World's Mass Shootings

    The United States is the global leader in mass shootings, claiming just 5 percent of the global population but an outsized share—31 percent—of the world's mass shooters since 1966.

  • Virginia Gunman Kills 2 Flees then Turns Gun on Himself

    Virginia Gunman Kills 2 Flees then Turns Gun on Himself

    In a developing story out of Virginia where a TV reporter and cameraman were fatality shot this morning, the gunman has apparently shot himself, and is being treated with life-threatening injuries.

  • Ashley Madison Extortion Begins

    Ashley Madison Extortion Begins

    Organizations are being warned to beware of now-underway spam campaigns and extortion attacks that may target employees who are current or former users of the pro-adultery Ashley Madison online dating site.

  • Sound the Alarm

    Sound the Alarm

    To support safety and notify personnel in the case of an emergency, Peru LNG’s needed a general alarm and mass notification system (MNS).

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