• Knowing Your Access Control

    Knowing Your Access Control

    With four or more access points around your property, there is no way that you can keep eyes at all entry points, especially if all can’t be viewed from a single location.

  • The Best First Response

    The Best First Response

    The continuing threat posed by global terrorism has driven huge amounts of government investment into electronic surveillance, as well as both wide and targeted physical monitoring systems in our cities.

  • Escaping from Prison Fires

    Wrightstyle Limited is a leading UK supplier of integrated steel and aluminium glazing systems and exports worldwide. Jane Embury, the company’s commercial director, looks at some notorious prison fires – and the appalling conditions in some facilities today.

  • Gun Control vs. Mental Health

    Gun Control vs. Mental Health

    I’ve been a journalist close to 40 years now, and I’ve pretty much seen it all but until recently gun control and mental health were not used in the same breath.

  • Delivering Tangible ROI

    Delivering Tangible ROI

    Boston-based biotechnology company Genzyme is an organization dedicated to the research of rare genetic-related diseases.

  • Study Finds US Has 31% of World

    Study Finds US Has 31% of World's Mass Shootings

    The United States is the global leader in mass shootings, claiming just 5 percent of the global population but an outsized share—31 percent—of the world's mass shooters since 1966.

  • Ashley Madison Extortion Begins

    Ashley Madison Extortion Begins

    Organizations are being warned to beware of now-underway spam campaigns and extortion attacks that may target employees who are current or former users of the pro-adultery Ashley Madison online dating site.

  • Virginia Gunman Kills 2 Flees then Turns Gun on Himself

    Virginia Gunman Kills 2 Flees then Turns Gun on Himself

    In a developing story out of Virginia where a TV reporter and cameraman were fatality shot this morning, the gunman has apparently shot himself, and is being treated with life-threatening injuries.

  • Sound the Alarm

    Sound the Alarm

    To support safety and notify personnel in the case of an emergency, Peru LNG’s needed a general alarm and mass notification system (MNS).

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